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Frequently Asked Questions ?

How do I register my sewabajar profile?

Its easy to register. Just sign up for a new account by filling out your display name, a valid email id, password and desired category in the form absolutely. Click on "Sign Up" button and check your sewabajar confirmation email inbox to confirm your registration. Click the email connection and you're already registered with sewabajar. You can register with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn too.

Can an employer post a job without registration on sewabajar?

To POST vacancies at sewabajar you must be a registered member.

How an employer Post a Job?

Login or create employer's account then describe your company and vacancy. Finally preview and submit your job.

Is it possible to post a job vacancy without exposing the identity of my organisation?

Yes, you can publish the job vacancy without disclosing the name of the company but the name of the company must be registered with sewabajar. The business name may be concealed but we recommend that you reveal it for branding employers to get more applications.

How long does my listed job vacancy live on the sewabajar website?

We have various job posts available including Premium Jobs, Hot Jobs and Classified Jobs. The vacancy can be posted for premium jobs, depending on the need, for 3 days, 7 days and 15 days. Hot Jobs & Classified Jobs, you can publish the vacancies for 7 days or 15 days. Nevertheless, the ad placement period can be extended as per your requirement.

Will my posting always appear on top of sewabajar webpage?

No, both the latest posting and the search result page will appear on top of the page.

Is there any limit on the number of resumes per job vacancy?

No, there is no such limit to the number of resumes per job vacancy.

What does autoresponder mean? How's it working out?

Auto answering is the custom auto response. Once the auto responder is configured, it is automatically sent to the person applying for the work vacancy advertised.

What emails will be sent to employer by sewabajar?

We send you emails based on your chosen subscriptions when you've built your account. On Career Tips and Updates you can also receive emails along with security notifications, account formation confirmations and updates.

May I view from sewabajar database the whole Resume?

No, we do not provide the employers with access to the database for information confidentiality. However, you can view the applicants resume by posting vacancy at sewabajar. We protect the privacy of job seekers before they are prepared to get involved with employers.

When a job seeker clicks on the vacancy's Job tittle advertised, where is he / she redirected?

If a job seeker clicks on the position tittle, he / she will be forwarded with the job information to your custom vacancy announcement page.

When does a job applicant get to know the job vacancy?

Your job posting will be available via our Website, other platform and aggregator pages to all job seekers.

How do I know that my profile has been completed 100 percent?

The completeness of the profile is shown in the percentage after you have logged into your profile account.

May I post job vacancies in more than one category?

Yeah, the work vacancy may be posted in more than one specific category.

What areas of business are you covering?

We are targeting all types of industries. And at sewabajar are listed numerous companies from different industries.

What are the payment options available to us?

You can pay into our bank account through online banking or direct bank deposit.

What is the gap in terms of service cost between an advertisement vacancy for 1 employee and 50?

It is the same charge if it's 1 or 50 employees. Number of vacancies for a given job does not affect the cost. The charge for service only varies when the job title / position is different.

After posting vacancies what support do employer get from sewabajar?

We provide every possible support after posting the vacancies until they expire. Apart from this, we also assist you in keeping updated with the vacancy and application status of the job applicants through e-mails.

What are the chances of coming up with the right candidate?

All the job seekers registered may apply for the vacancies irrespective of their credentials, skills and experience. Thus we can not guarantee that the right candidate is eligible. The best ones you can fish out from the shower.

I lost my password and what should I do?

Click on “Forget Password” given below the “Sign In” button. Please enter your username or email address. Click on "Reset Password". You will receive a link to create a new password via email from sewabajar.

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