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Frequently Asked Questions ?

How do I register my sewabajar profile?

Its easy to register. Just sign up for a new account by filling out your display name, a valid email id, password and desired category in the form absolutely. Click on "Sign Up" button and check your sewabajar confirmation email inbox to confirm your registration. Click the email connection and you're already registered with sewabajar. You can register with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn too.

What is email and password?

Email is a valid email id and Password is a series of characters that gives you access to your account. Your login credentials to your account are email and password. You can login to your profile with the email and password, manage your CV as well as apply any job openings.

How do I upload a photo?

Go to My Profile and browse your Profile Image. Select your image and choose save. Recommended size is 160*160 px.

Why should I upload my Profile Image?

Your image makes it identifiable in your profile. This sets you apart from any job seeker with a similar name.

How do I Post Resume?

Go to Manage Resume and click on "Post Resume". Enter the General Information, Resume Details, click Preview and Finish.

Why should I post Resume?

Your Resume makes your profile recognizable. This sets you apart from any job seeker who has posted no resume.

Can someone review my resume and give me advice?

Yes, we have resume rewriting service. For more information, visit:

How do I know that my profile has been completed 100 percent?

The completeness of the profile is shown in the percentage after you have logged into your profile account.

Will posting my profile on sewabajar cost anything?

No, registration at sewabajar cost nothing. Registering, browsing, applying and taking jobs are completely free.

What is Premium Membership for Candidate?

Candidate with Premium Membership has greater chances of shortlist. Please view the complete details of Premium Membership on

How much do you charge for job placement?

Job search and job application through sewabajar is completely cost-free. We do not take charges from the candidates.

I lost my password and what should I do?

Click on “Forget Password” given below the “Sign In” button. Please enter your username or email address. Click on "Reset Password". You will receive a link to create a new password via email from sewabajar.

Are you selling my information because your website is free?

Without your permission we are not sharing any of your details. We only give employers access to our resume database if you apply for announced open positions.

I got trouble logging in to my account. What is it that I will do?

Please confirm in your email your login id and password supplied by sewabajar. If you can not sign in yet, please contact us at 01-5149267

Are the jobs valid at sewabajar?

Hey! Our awesome work analysis team hand-screens every single job and business added to our web, so you can only find legitimate and professional jobs and businesses. We do not post positions which we consider questionable or something from companies which do not follow our strict legitimate criteria.

Does sewabajar guarantee Jobs to candidate?

sewabajar is Nepal's online job-search site. We serve merely as a link between job seekers and employers. If you meet all the criteria for any job you have to apply yourself for the jobs. If the submitted post is shortlisted, the recruiting firm will contact you for further processing.

Is there a job I can find based on location?

Of course, during the time of registration you need to have your chosen place of work.

May I reapply for the position I've already applied for?

No, the vacancy you have already applied for can not be reapplied for.

May I apply for more than one job in a single time?

Yes, you can apply more than one job at a time.

May we meet personally?

It is not usually necessary to meet personally as part of the recruitment process for sewabajar.

How do I know if I was selected for the job that I was applying for?

If you have been selected for the applied job, you will be notified by the respective organization for further procedure by telephone, sms or email.

How do employers reach candidates?

Employers can only reach you by accessing your profile after you have applied for the job.

What kind of jobs should candidate apply to?

You have to apply to the relevant job that matches your profile and requirements of the company.

Do candidate need to update profile before applying to a job vacancy?

Not always. You need to update your profile only if you have any additional skills and qualifications to add or update in your old profile.

I am not registered with sewabajar. Can I apply for job vacancies?

You must have to be a registered member at sewabajar in order to apply for the vacancies that are posted at sewabajar.

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