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Answers to Avoid in an Interview

Tell me something about yourself. This question is intended to get to know a little bit about your personality. But it’s more to understand how the experience applies to the kind of talent that the position demands. Speaking about hobbies is okay, but certainly avoid marital status, politics and religion. Alternatively, guide your examples towards past encounters, accomplishments and awards.

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What Recruiters Actually Seek While Evaluating CVs

We’re having that. It’s tricky to write a resume. Every resume writing technique that suits every position, applicant tracking system, and every recruiter or hiring manager is not one-size-fits. But there are tried and tested approaches that can help job seekers write a description that better explains how they can have an impact on their next job. Because that’s a

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How to impress: 12 important things to do in a job interview

You have got an interview with your coveting career-congratulations! Now it’s time to saddle up and blow off your upcoming interview. However, Easier said than done, particularly if you’re pretty new to overall interviews or it’s been a while since your last job search. No matter what the situation, you’re likely wondering… how can I stand out in the crowd

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How to Be More Mindful at Work

If you’re anything like me, when you hear the term “mindfulness”, you picture enlightened monks outside a Tibetan monastery or a light-saber wielding Jedi. Not wrong, you would be – but mindfulness can also look like you sitting at your desk right now. It looks like you paying attention to the way your neck is craning a bit forward, or

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