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After the Interview, Do’s and Don’ts

So the interview is done, and are you waiting to hear about the next steps from the hiring manager? Uh oh! Uh oh! In the interview process, the duration of time following your interview will play a crucial role. Maybe your real interview is done, but your job is not! This phase is often missed by job-seekers, and knowing what to do is crucial. Candidates should know that, depending on the organization, there may be dozens or hundreds of applicants who are not the only ones interviewing for a role. Even if your interview goes well, follow-up is necessary so that you are recognized among the rest of the competition by the hiring manager. But, there is a fine line between the best approach to follow up and bullying hiring managers. Here are the do’s and don’ts for after an interview.


  • Do give some kind of note. Handwritten notes suggest that you have taken the time to thank them for an interview, but even an email would have an effect after the interview.
  • Do give many thank you notes if you have been interviewed by more than one person.
  • Do include your interest in the position in your thank you note and why you’re the right choice for the role.
  • Even if the job is not for you, communicating with contacts who interviewed you on LinkedIn is always a good idea for job seekers to make connections.
  • Only be careful. For hiring managers, the hiring process is hard and can sometimes take a little more time than expected.
  • Continue to follow up, especially if you have been told that you are still in the process. A recruiter or hiring manager can lose track of who is still in the process or even get sidetracked. Follow-up is important to let them know that you’re still involved, just don’t go overboard.
  • Do warn your references, they can get a call from the hiring manager, and if they are prepared, it’s always easier.


  • If they have told you that you are no longer being considered for the job, do not continue contacting the hiring manager.
  • In all of the follow up experiences, don’t ever have spelling or grammatical errors.
  • After one interview, you will never be able to guess what the hiring managers will do, and by putting the search on hold, you don’t want to miss out on any other opportunities.
  • Don’t be excessively aggressive. You don’t want to scare your future boss off, so make sure your response is tactful and polite.
  • Don’t be afraid of expressing your interest in the job. If you feel like you are perfect for a particular position, let it be known and prove to them why you are the best choice.

By waiting to hear from hiring managers, do not miss out on this vital aspect of your job hunt. Your career is here. Be positive and make meaningful memories and relationships along the way with the individuals you encounter.

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