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What Recruiters Actually Seek While Evaluating CVs

We’re having that. It’s tricky to write a resume. Every resume writing technique that suits every position, applicant tracking system, and every recruiter or hiring manager is not one-size-fits.

But there are tried and tested approaches that can help job seekers write a description that better explains how they can have an impact on their next job. Because that’s a resume’s intent. It isn’t a biography of a career. Not all is about what you’ve done. It’s about how you can convince an employer how you can have an impact on the particular position you are applying for.

But how do desperate job seekers build a resume that gets read, interviews, and results from a recruiter?

1. Tailor the resume to the job: In 2020 the one-size-fits-all resume still doesn’t work. Applicant tracking systems may automatically reject your resume if it doesn’t contain specific keywords. It makes more sense in the long-run to apply to fewer jobs per day, and instead of spending that time customizing your resume to each job that you are applying to so that it matches the description better. Or, at least have a few versions of your resume depending on the role you are applying to.

2. Show actionable results: It is a lot more impactful for hiring managers to see specifics of what you have accomplished versus just stating day-to-day responsibilities. Employers want to hear about what you have specifically done so that they know how you will be able to add value to their organization.

3. Make it easy to read: The average hiring manager will likely only spend 6 to 7 seconds looking at your resume. Put the most important information on the top, and write in bullet point versus paragraph form. White space will draw attention to the important parts of your resume. Keep it simple, but compelling enough for the hiring manager to want to know more!

4. Give the reader a reason to hire you instead of your peer: What makes you a star? If you and your coworkers were to apply to the same job, what would make you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Don’t be afraid to brag about professional accomplishments, such as winning a company award, or speaking at a professional event.

Remember, your resume is a document that covers your qualifications to get your foot in the door past the gatekeeper.

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