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How to look for employment while being working

Do you find that at work, you’re no longer motivated? This could be a warning that a new place is time for it! So, when you are already working, how are you going to land a new gig? It can be tricky to look for employment while working, but planning ahead and strategizing can help you have a successful job search.

To get the most out of your limited time, here are a few steps you should take:

1. Prepare your Materials well Ahead of Time

Ensure that all of your materials such as resume, cover letter, and references are up-to-date. This will help speed up the process when you are going to submit your application to various roles. 

2. Update your profile

Update your profile regularly, so when recruiters stumble across your profile you will leave them with a good impression.

3. Keep your Job Search Outside of Work

It’s not a good idea to perform your job search on your office computer. You don’t want your boss or coworkers to find out that you are looking for a new position by simply walking past your desk. It’s best to job search in your free time. When the right time comes, you can tell your company about your opportunity when it is set in stone.

4. Networking within the Industry

While you’re job hunting, ensure you’re researching the trends within the industries you’re targeting. Showcase your knowledge when you attend events and or any time you network with other professionals. After all, you never know where you may meet your next employer. 

5. Schedule Interviews Strategically

Ask if you can interview either before or after work hours. Will they accept a phone call? This is a great option because you can either take the call before you start work, on your lunch break or find somewhere comfortable after work. If you need to be in person, you can ask your current employer for a personal day or if you can be interviewed on a Friday or Monday. That way you can have a longer weekend while squeezing in an interview.

6. Dress the Part

Be sure to dress how you normally would when you are at work that day. If you have an interview before or after work, bring a separate pair of clothes to wear. Your co-workers may notice that you are dressing differently which may lead to asking you questions. You don’t want to give away any clues about your job search, especially to your coworkers.

7. Don’t Clock Out

It’s important to do your current job well, especially when you are job searching. It can be tempting to “clock out” in your current role because you’re ready to leave. But, you don’t want to give your current employer the impression that they should let you go before you find another opportunity or sabotage the relationship.  Plus, when it’s time to move on, you can leave your employer with a good impression of you and your work.

8. Pick your References Wisely

Don’t use references from the job you have now. Be creative and carefully select who you want your potential employer to speak with. The best references are the people who have witnessed your professional accomplishments and have work well with you in the past. If the hiring manager asks permission to speak with your current manager, let them know that you need an offer first. 

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