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Why is your resume tailoring so important?

Take a guess: how long does a recruiting manager study a resume (on average)? Six or seven seconds. That’s right … just a few seconds to draw the attention of the hiring manager. Frightening, I know! That’s why customizing your resume to suit and job description is super important.

Here are a couple of tips to help ensure your resume receives the attention it deserves:

Fit the Definition of the Work
Have you ever heard that the higher you rank in the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), the more your resume fits the job description requirements? Well, most often, this is reasonably true. It is very popular to use a list of candidates created from keyword searches by hiring managers, and they often start at the top.

Quality over Quantity
If it doesn’t contain unique keywords, applicant tracking systems can automatically reject your resume. It makes more sense in the long run to apply for fewer jobs every day and spend more time customizing the resume for each job. You want to fit the definition as closely as possible with your resume. Or, have at least a few iterations of your resume that closely fit the kinds of positions that you are applying for.

For example, if you are a Marketing Coordinator applying for a job as an Event Coordinator, you would need to change your “Marketing Event Coordinator” title. Then, all of the experience you’ve had dealing with events is bullet point. Feel free to extend, but stay away from any other experience that is not applicable to the role for which you apply.

Grab their Attention

Place your technical & hard skills at the top of your resume. Chances are that hiring managers & recruiters have at least 3-5 hard skills in mind for the right candidate, and so put at the top to grab their attention! For example, if you’re a Digital Marketing Manager, you would use these skills at the top of your resume:

  • Google Analytics / SEO & PPC
  • LinkedIn Ads /Google Ads + Hubspot Certified
  • Google Tag Manager + HTML/CSS/JS

List the outcomes
This is your moment to shine, so underneath your title, make sure you explain your results-supported experience. For you to let the hiring manager or recruiters know how good you were in your previous position, this section is relevant. Let ‘s say you use these effective examples if you’re a marketing specialist:

  • Managed social media accounts and increased engagement on LinkedIn by 300%
  • Created an email marketing strategy which increased repeat buying from 20% to 35%
  • Inbound marketing leads increased by 72% due to targeted social ads

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