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The 10 Golden Rules of Working With a Recruiter

Working with a professional recruiter is a perfect choice for passive and active job seekers alike. Recruiters can access employment, business knowledge, ideas, tips and connections that other people don’t have. There are some ways to get the best out of the process if you haven’t worked with a recruiter before. Here are the 10 golden laws on how to deal with a recruit (for candidates), according to sewabajar recruiters!
1. Be honest. Please be honest with your recruiter on what you’re looking for, your wage demands, and other incentives, from start to finish. A successful recruiter returns the favourite. During job search no group can profit from dishonesty.2. Be responsive. When you’re called by your recruiter call them back! When you’re approached by the recruiter, that is usually for good reason. It could be a work bid, updates or a new role to fill out yesterday. Commit to working with a recruiter during your time and being available and sensitive.3. Be courteous. Recruiters work with their employers, but want to support you with your job quest as well. Seek to value their time and if you have updates or concerns, talk. Generally they don’t have much time to make suggestions on the resume, or where to look for roles. A strong recruiter will also advise you on the method of their clients and be your advocate.4. Be available.  Recruiting is a very time sensitive industry. A client could call and ask to interview you that day.  While this isn’t always possible, if you’re serious about your job search, try and be accommodating and available to ease the process.5Be proactive. Just because you met with a recruiter doesn’t mean you can sit back and stop your job search. If you’re unemployed or need a new job ASAP, you should continue to work on your job hunt and don’t rely 100% on recruiters.6. Stay in touch. Perhaps you took a 3 month contract job, make sure near the end of your contract you let your recruiter know what you’re looking to do and they can keep you in mind for future positions. Recruiters work with hundreds of candidates at a time and won’t always know when you’re available so stay in touch.7. Be ethical. If you have signed an agreement with a recruiter, ensure that you understand the agreement and ask any questions you may have.8. Be prepared. Before you even start connecting with recruiters, have your best resume prepped, practice your interview skills and know what you’re looking for. The more prepared you are the faster a recruiter can get you in process for open positions.9. Be decisive. Be prepared to accept or reject an offer until it comes along. Some of the most negative things you can do with your prospects is to wait to make a decision. The client may become annoyed at waiting, or another applicant can enter the process and the offer expires.10. Be open. Your recruiter may be interested in sharing opportunities you had not originally pictured. You may have been dreaming about big business but an amazing opportunity that suits your experience opened up at a small company. Be open to new opportunities so your recruiter won’t rule you out before even hearing about the job.

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